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The UNIverse



The UNIverse was made possible through the advent of block chain technology. It's no one's platform which makes it everyone's platform. Much like the physical world we live in, the digital world(s) in which we operate should not be centralized under any one entity's control. Thus, as new users join The UNIverse, control over the platform becomes more decentralized. The underlying blockchain governs this decentralization and no one - not even Ekarta - can stop this process. As more of us find, enter, and develop this world, the world becomes more ours. Welcome team, to the world we create and evolve together. Welcome to our digital world!

The Technology

A place secured by everyone, controlled by no one, and owned by all.

The UNIverse is not a world. It's a collection of worlds. Each world is unique, and anyone can create a new world. Users can move freely between the worlds, and any system may be connected to this unified platform. The first step is to create your digital self. From there, the UNIverse is yours to explore. The best part is that we never lose our progress. We keep the benefits of our exploration, growing our digital self, and our earnings. Entering a new world no longer means starting over.

The Worlds

Limitless possibilities made possible from our collective creativity.


Stay Connected To Our Progress

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