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Areas of Expertise
  • Special Education

  • Early Childhood Development

  • Customized Education Programs

  • Childhood Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

  • Growth Strategies

  • Operations

  • Customer Experience

  • 10+ years experience in Early Childhood Education, specializing in Special Education.

  • Renowned for her ability to help non-verbal and non-functioning children become verbal and develop essential life skills.

  • Celebrated by students, parents, and colleagues alike for her innovative and compassionate approach to childhood education.

Favorite Insights
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Yani Carrio joined Unity Consulting to help stand up the focus on education strategies and work with our clients who provide servics in early childhood education.

She has dedicated 10+ years to the field of early childhood education, focusing on children with severe learning disabilities and mental illnesses.

Her journey is marked by her deep commitment to developing tailored educational programs that address the unique needs of each person and child under her care. Yani's expertise lies in transforming challenging educational scenarios into success stories, as evidenced by her remarkable track record of helping non-verbal and otherwise non-functioning children find their voice and essential life skills.

Yani's contributions extend beyond individual cases to encompass the broader scope of early childhood care. She has been pivotal in the expansion of several early childhood care facilities. Her role in these institutions was not limited to curriculum development but also included enhancing client relations, thereby facilitating the enrollment of new clients and supporting the facilities' overall growth.

Away from her professional endeavors, Yani finds joy and relaxation in traveling, particularly to her home in Puerto Rico. Her passion for exploring new cities is matched by her love for reading, especially on topics related to childhood development. These personal interests not only offer her respite but also enrich her professional insights, as she continually seeks to blend her experiential learning with her academic knowledge in childhood education.

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