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Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO



Areas of Expertise
  • Growth Strategies

  • Revenue Operations

  • Sales

  • Product & Solutions

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Modern Marketing

  • Customer Experience

  • Education

  • Predictive Modeling

  • 10+ years experience in Growth Strategies

  • A master facilitator and implementor of Revenue Operations strategies to ensure value creation

  • Developed cutting edge frameworks for sales and marketing excellence

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Armon Aghaie is the founder of Unity Consulting and head of our Growth and Mergers & Acquisitions practices.

He has 10+ years of experience making data-driven decisions to execute Growth targets in mid-sized enterprises.

He has worked with various large organizations in the Financial, Technology, Gaming, and Legal industries to create custom solutions for their specific goals. Armon's specialty revolves around coupling data with human psychology to drive strategies for growth.

Prior to founding Unity Consulting, Armon led growth in a mid-size enterprise where he completed a turn around to over 250 Million in company value. He has also held various leadership and sales roles primarily in technology sector.

Armon holds a degree in Quantitative Economics along with advanced training in negotiations, sales, marketing and product. His innovative approach combines insights from various fields into unique strategies for growth allowing his clients to stay ahead of the curve in ever-changing markets.

As a self-proclaimed "workaholic", Armon spends most of his time staying busy. He finds projects he's passionate about so that he can pour everything into these endeavors. In his spare time, Armon frequents exploring new cultures, trying exotic foods, and time with his dog Kai.

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