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Strategy Development



Conduct Interviews & Review Data



Plan Markets



Unlock The Right Opportunities



Track Progress


Iterate & Evolve


Using the UNITY framework, let's explore a specific scenario that may keep you up at night...


You seek to expand your business through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and are looking to develop a comprehensive M&A strategy; aiming to identify suitable targets, create value, and ensure successful integration.


Conduct Interviews & Review Data

  • Analyze business objectives, including growth targets, geographical expansion goals, product and service diversification.

  • Analyze the market landscape, including industry trends, competitor positioning, and market dynamics.

  • Assess internal capabilities, financial health, and readiness for M&A activities.

  • Identify potential risks associated with M&A, such as integration challenges, regulatory hurdles, or cultural differences.


Plan Markets

  • Define clear objectives for the M&A strategy, including target acquisition size, deal value, and expected synergies.

  • Develop a systematic approach to identify suitable M&A targets, considering factors like strategic fit, market position, and cultural alignment.

  • Create a due diligence plan to thoroughly evaluate potential targets, covering financial, legal, operational, and cultural aspects.

  • Identify resources, including budget and team members, to support the M&A strategy.

  • Develop a risk mitigation plan that addresses potential challenges and roadblocks in the M&A process.


Unlock The Right Opportunities

  • Determine the fair valuation of target companies and engage in negotiations with their stakeholders.

  • Prepare initial integration plan. 

  • Assist in structuring deals that optimize financial and strategic benefits for the client.

  • Continue refining the integration strategy and preparing for post-acquisition activities.

  • Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements and approvals.


Track Progress

  • Define M&A Scorecard and KPIs for tracking the progress of M&A activities, such as post-acquisition revenue growth, cost synergies realization, and employee retention rates.

  • Monitor the achievement of key milestones in the M&A process, such as deal closure, integration progress, and cultural alignment.

  • Establish regular communication channels and reporting mechanisms to keep stakeholders informed of M&A developments.


Iterate & Evolve

  • Evaluate the success of completed M&A transactions, analyzing whether strategic objectives were met and identifying lessons learned.

  • Iterate based on post-acquisition insights, outlining refinements to future M&A strategies, integration processes, or target selection criteria.

  • Conduct regular working sessions to ensure consistent progress without the need for full-scale change.

  • Evaluate the culture post-M&A practices, incorporating feedback from previous transactions into future strategies.

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