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Revenue Stream



Conduct Interviews & Review Data



Structure Data & Define Paths



Unlock New Revenue Streams



Track Progress


Iterate & Evolve


Using the UNITY framework, let's explore a specific scenario that may keep you up at night...


Your industry has reached maturity, with slowing market growth and increasing competition. It feels like core products are becoming commoditized as market share gradually erodes and profitability declines through decreased revenues or increased cost pressures.


Conduct Interviews & Review Data

  • Gather and analyze historical market data, including market size, growth rates, and competitive landscape, to understand the current market dynamics. 

  • Conduct customer surveys, interviews, and feedback analysis to gain insights into changing customer preferences and needs. 

  • Study competitors' strategies, market positioning, and strengths and weaknesses to identify areas of potential differentiation. 

  • Evaluate internal capabilities, including product/service quality, pricing, distribution channels, and marketing effectiveness.


Structure Data & Define Paths

  • Organize data to project future trends and potential paths for expanding market share or uncovering new revenue streams. 

  • Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to identify internal and external factors that will inform strategy development. 

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy that may include product/service innovation, market expansion, pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, or partnerships. 

  • Recommend necessary resources, budget, and personnel to execute the strategy effectively.


Unlock New Revenue Streams

  • Align the organization to a new strategy by executing a thorough communication plan. 

  • Implement product or service improvements that address customer feedback and changing market demands. 

  • Execute market expansion strategies, such as entering new geographic regions or targeting new customer segments. If necessary, adjust pricing strategies to remain competitive while preserving profitability. 

  • Launch marketing campaigns and promotional activities that highlight the client's unique value proposition, core offerings, and expanded product/service portfolio.


Track Progress

  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure progress toward objectives, such as market share, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction. 

  • Automate reporting and data collection. 

  • Continuously monitor KPIs, collect data, and analyze results for continued iteration on implemented strategies. 

  • Solicit feedback from customers, employees, and stakeholders to gain insights into the impact of the strategies and identify areas for improvement.


Iterate & Evolve

  • Based on the data and feedback collected, make necessary adjustments to the strategy, tactics, and resource allocation to optimize outcomes. 

  • Develop a long-term plan for sustaining market share growth and ensuring ongoing competitiveness within the mature industry. 

  • Conduct regular working sessions to ensure consistent progress without the need for full-scale change.

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