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Product & Cross Sell



Conduct Interviews & Review Data



Identify Connections & Create Frameworks



Unlock Customer Spend



Track Progress


Iterate & Evolve


Using the UNITY framework, let's explore a specific scenario that may keep you up at night...


You have a loyal and attentive client base, but they either buy a small portion of your product/service portfolio or you don't have any options to continue to grow their spend. You're wondering if there are unexplored areas to improve cross-sell index and eliminate whitespace.


Conduct Interviews & Review Data

  • Conduct a whitespace analysis that segments customers based on their preferences, purchase history, and behaviors. 

  • Analyze your product and service portfolio to identify complementary offerings that can be bundled or cross-sold. 

  • Review current customer lifecycle and conduct role-play sessions with the sales team to assess understanding of cross-sell potential. 

  • Research competitors' strategies for cross-selling and upselling. 

  • Understand what products or services they bundle, how they position premium offerings, and their success rates. 

  • Assess the current new product introduction (NPI) process.


Identify Connections & Create Frameworks

  • Develop a cross-selling strategy that outlines which products or services to promote together. Define the messaging, incentives, and channels for cross-selling efforts. 

  • Allign NPI framework to the customer journey to understand touchpoints where cross-selling and upselling opportunities naturally arise.

  • Train the sales team on cross-selling techniques, premium offering features, and how to identify upsell opportunities in customer interactions. 

  • Integrate cross-selling and upselling strategies into your marketing efforts. Ensure consistency in messaging across various customer touchpoints.


Unlock Customer Spend

  • Execute the cross-selling strategy by integrating related products and services into the sales process. 

  • Train sales and customer support teams on cross-selling techniques. 

  • Implement NPI process which focuses on iterative update, expansion, and modernization of product/service portfolio. 

  • Execute upsell campaigns, targeting eligible customers with personalized offers and messaging. 

  • Implement necessary tools and automation such that sales and customer relationship management systems support cross-selling and upselling initiatives. 

  • Establish mechanisms for capturing feedback from both customers and sales teams regarding cross-selling and premium offerings.


Track Progress

  • Define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) related to cross-selling and upselling, including changes in average transaction value, conversion rates, and customer retention. 

  • Analyze the effectiveness of cross-selling and upselling efforts across different customer segments. 

  • Identify which segments respond most positively and adjust strategies accordingly. 

  • Monitor the performance of the sales team in executing cross-selling and upselling strategies. Provide ongoing training and support. 

  • Gather and analyze customer feedback related to cross-selling and premium offerings. Understand their perceptions and suggestions for improvement. 

  • Evaluate the outcomes of upsell campaigns, including the number of customers who upgraded to premium offerings and the associated revenue increase.


Iterate & Evolve

  • Analyze the data collected from tracking efforts. Identify trends, successes, and areas for improvement in cross-selling and upselling. 

  • Develop an improvement plan based on data analysis and customer feedback. 

  • Determine which cross-selling tactics or premium offering features should be refined. 

  • Conduct regular working sessions to ensure consistent progress without the need for full-scale change. 

  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement within the organization regarding cross-selling and upselling. Encourage ongoing refinement and innovation to enhance the customer experience and increase revenue.

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